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Hello! This is a new project for me and I’m getting started on it. I’m going to work to try to expand it and provide content that many of you may find helpful if you’re looking to switch jobs or you’ve lost your job and need to find new employment. I’ve been there, and know how it feels. It is rough. My original idea for this occurred many years ago when my (now) wife and I moved from Washington, DC to Houston. It was after the 2007/08 recession, and we had few prospects in the area.

I had initially tried using Monster and other sites like it. I got frustrated with them because they often just had a link that went to the company’s website and to apply there. So I figured, I’d skip that step. I started looking up Houston based companies and find their employment landing pages and cycle through them as needed. That has since changed a lot with many more websites that are a bit more organized and less frustrating, but I think that method can still have value, and so I have kept that page and it is here.

However, I’d like to expand on that idea and provide resources I see that may be helpful. So here is my first post on just that.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home (WFH) is necessary. Unfortunately, many folks who were not able to work from home either have been laid off or are on indefinite furlough. So the big thing has become remote positions and positions that have developed because of this. Recently, on Reddit/r/Houston a user posted this Google Docs Spreadsheet with a ton of work from home positions.

It has sense been pointed out by other users that OP is a recruiter and was using a lot of alt accounts to post and spam this all over Reddit. I’m actually fine with that, because their motive is to hire people, and to do that they need traffic . So, while kind of scummy, I’m fine with it. That’s how recruiters work. They don’t eat until they place someone. Full post is here.

I hope this is helpful. I know the website looks kind of blank right now. There was a lot of filler on here from the initial template – that needs a lot of adjusting and editing to get it exactly as I want it. We’re just getting started. I hope to spend some more time doing just that, and getting it perfect for you. As well as curating other content I think may be useful.

Good luck out there!

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