2021 Houston ALA Salary and Benefits Survey is now released!

The 2021 Houston Chapter Salary and Benefits Surveys are ready. The data collected is as of February 2021. This is the first year where they’ve been able to gauge the impact of COVID-19 on wages and benefits in the Houston legal Market.  For those interested, you can read more here Further, you can use this link if you want to participate in future years. The only requirement to participate in the Houston ALA Salary and Benefits Survey is that you are a law firm or legal service provider who has an office within “the Loop” in Houston. Those who have participated, and have already paid, can use this link to download the surveys.

For 2021, 56 firms participated in the Salary and Benefits Surveys this year.  The surveys are available for all, but the cost for the 2021 Salary & Benefits Survey report is reduced to $100.00 for law firms who participated in entering data into the surveys or for those law firms whose offices are located outside of the data collection area (and were not able to participate) The cost for Houston Salary and Benefits Survey is $450.00 for all others.

Please reach out to Wendy Crane chaptermanager(at) if you’d like more information or to coordinate purchasing the Salary and Benefits Surveys. Houston ALA is able to accept credit card or check as payment.

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